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Established in 2010, and operating out of Jericho, NY, Xpress Funding offers a host of different services that make it easier for businesses to achieve their ambitions. Our quick and simple application process coupled with 24-hour approvals make it easier for you to receive the urgent funds that you need to survive in the open market.

Our team is highly trained and has years of experience under its belt which makes it your ideal business partner. Via our easy business Advances, we provide money for your business at a moment’s notice!

Doesn’t matter whether you operate in the logistics industry or warehouse management, as the Xpress Funding team is proud to cater to clients of all sizes operating in a number of different industries.

Why Choose Xpress Funding?

There are countless reasons why you should opt for our incredible services.

First and foremost, our advances have nothing to do with your personal credit score. Doesn’t matter if you’ve filed for bankruptcy in the past as our advances are determined by your cash flow! So, if you have a positive cash flow, you’re almost guaranteed the business funding that it needs to survive in the open market.

Secondly, our business advances application process is faster than any bank on the planet. We process applications within three days and can even transfer the funds on the same day (if requested). This allows your business to capitalize on the smallest windows of opportunity and give the bigwigs a run for their money!

And lastly, our team is incredibly professional and 100% committed to your cause. We consider your success to be our success which is why we’ll gladly go the extra mile to earn your approval and trust. It’s what makes us one of the best merchant cash advance companies in USA you’ll work with!

Our Services

We value the time of our clients which is why we go the extra mile to earn their trust. You may find lower rates and quicker response time on the internet but you won’t find a service that matches our professionalism and customer support!

Business Loans

We provide our clients with the financial support they need to outbid and outperform their competitors in the open market!

Business Funding

We cater to business of various sizes, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re a budding business or an industry leader with years of experience; we are your number source for funding!

Business Funding – Simplified!
Learn more about how our team goes the extra mile to give you an advance package fine-tuned to the needs of your organization.

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